Top-quality production

Coffee is a luxury good, which is exactly how we treat it. 

Thanks to our employees’ many years of experience and cutting-edge system technology, we can achieve the level of quality that our customers around the world appreciate.

We offer a wide range of products

We manufacture a variety of instant coffees at our modern production facility in Berlin, including liquid extracts and spray-dried and agglomerated instant coffees. All our products are also available in decaffeinated form. All our products have one thing in common: they boast outstanding quality.

From bean to liquid coffee extract, we follow our own brewing rules

At our Berlin plant, we process freshly roasted beans using a fresh-brewing process developed in-house. The liquid coffee is then concentrated into an extract by evaporation. Thanks to this special process and immediate filling into chilled or frozen large containers, we can guarantee the full roasted coffee aroma of our products. Thus, for many of our customers, these provide the base for further processing in a variety of foods.

We produce the following liquid coffees:
  • Espresso, dark roast with low acidity
  • High-value arabica qualities
  • Strong varieties made of 100% robusta
  • Strong and mild varieties
  • Balanced coffees from an arabica-robusta blend
  • Caffeine-rich and decaffeinated coffees
  • Special customised products
  • Cold-brew coffee/sparkling coffee
From liquid coffee extract to instant coffee

DEK-Berlin both produces and processes its valuable liquid coffee extract in-house – for example, using spray-drying to create first-class coffee powder. With an additional finishing step featuring water and steam, our Berlin plant can also concentrate the coffee powder into larger particles, a process referred to as agglomeration. Granules produced in this way boast exceptional solubility and an appearance similar to roasted coffee. We fill these products into bulk containers and dispatch them directly to our customers.

1. Spray-drying

Coffee concentrate is sprayed in a warm jet of air to produce fine coffee powder.


2. Agglomeration

Agglomeration combines fine coffee particles into easily soluble granules.


Options for further processing

The liquid and instant coffees produced at DEK- Berlin are used in a variety of ways in food industry processing and in vending business:

  • Dairy industry (mixed milk beverages, yoghurt, ice cream and desserts)
  • Confectionery industry (sweets, pralines, biscuits and chocolates)
  • Beverage industry (spirits and energy drinks)
  • Aroma/fruit preparation producers
  • Industrial bakeries (baked goods, frozen cakes)
  • Liquid and instant coffees for vending
Product development and innovation

In the same way that markets and customer requirements are constantly evolving, we are also constantly developing our products in our modern technology center. For this purpose, we employ an innovation team made up of a wide range of experts, from process engineers to chemists, who promote product developments.

If you stop improving, you cease to be good.


If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you.


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Our quality standards are high, with only the best ingredients and cutting-edge technologies used for all the products manufactured at DEK-Berlin.


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DEK-Berlin is a member of the CAFEA-Group, which has more than 1,700 employees worldwide.


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