Uncompromising quality. 

Genuine coffee enjoyment requires quality, which we guarantee our customers in three ways: careful selection of our raw materials, comprehensive quality management and consistently responsible and sustainable operations throughout the entire value chain.


First-class raw materials

Our coffee beans – Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta – are purchased centrally through the CAFEA-Group in Hamburg and sourced directly from producers in the world’s best growing regions. We have cultivated personal relationships with the leading source countries for decades, guaranteeing our independence and the quality of our raw materials. Once we receive the green coffee, it’s carefully roasted in a test process, ground it into small portions, brewed and then extensively tasted.



Comprehensive quality management

Quality is about more than just fulfilling standards. For us, quality is a voluntary commitment to guaranteeing consistent, top-quality product characteristics at all times, which is why our products undergo stringent inspections at our in-house test laboratory on a regular basis. Numerous screenings allow us to keep an eye on the flavour, the caffeine content and a whole lot more.

​​​​​​​Certified standards

Certificates are not just trophies for DEK-Berlin, but rather proof of the consistent quality of our work. Our quality management system, which includes HACCP, ensures that only first-class products leave DEK-Berlin. As a result, DEK-Berlin is certified in accordance with the IFS Food and the BRC Global Standards.


We’re well aware of our responsibility to people and the environment and therefore pursue a clear sustainability strategy.

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We manufacture many varieties of instant coffee at our modern production facility in Berlin.

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DEK-Berlin is a member of the CAFEA-Group, which has more than 1,700 employees worldwide.

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